The Solar Suction Surgery System (S4)


The Solar Suction Surgery System provides and stores clean, renewable solar energy while supporting various surgical and medical devices.

The Solar Surgery Suction System, commonly known as the S4, is a backup power source to be used in times of emergency, such as browouts and power outages to counteract this problem.

It is fully equipped with a solar panel, lights and five ports for a suction machine and  devices such as phones and tablets. The S4 can provide up to two days worth of continuous power before needing to be recharged via solar panel or wall plug.

Another feature of tS4 close up piche S4 that makes it easy to use is its portable, suitcase design. It is designed to be a light-weight solution that can be easily transported from room to room in hospitals or taken into rural areas as needed.

The design was specifically requested by Dr. Mary Sommers, a working doctor in Malawi who is facing these issues every day and moving closer towards a sustainable solution.



We are freely sharing the design of the Solar Suction Surgery System we created in our open source repository website and welcoming others who have also invented devices to share their designs to be replicated all over the world.


Overview of the S4: Courtesy of Kevin Wang


Constructing and Demonstrating the S4: Courtesy of Kevin Wang


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